the crypto feed

the goal of the crypto feed is to be the "front page" of bitcoin, online privacy, and other crypto-related topics — removing the need to follow hundreds of different news outlets, subreddits, YouTube channels, personal blogs, company blogs, podcasts, and more. a highly-optimized news bot and manual curation by longtime bitcoin writer kyle torpey are used to gain the best possible signal to noise ratio.

why is the crypto feed useful?

the crypto feed provides a single source for all crypto news, and it has benefits over reddit, twitter, and traditional media outlets. here are some advantages of the crypto feed over other options:

it should also be noted that the crypto feed does not track its users online activities or collect information on them. there is no javascript used on this website.

if you have ideas on how the crypto feed can be made more useful for its users, feel free to share them in our telegram group.

how to use the crypto feed

the crypto feed website is used to display posts that are picked up by the underlying news bot. these posts are displayed in one of three ways: (1) hottest posts, (2) new hot posts, and (3) all posts.

those who are only interested in checking the most important stories once or twice per day should stick with the hottest posts page, which is the default display when visiting the new hottest posts page will be best for those who are checking on the news quite frequently throughout the day. this set of posts is also available via our telegram channel. the all posts page is reserved for crypto news addicts who wish to get the latest news as soon as it happens. this is also the feed that is used for our twitter account.

created by kyle torpey