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Contact Us

Here's the TL;DR of how you can contact us:

Send Us a News Tip

If you've found a hot story that hasn't been added to The Crypto Feed, then let us know about it in our Telegram. For stories that need to be dealt with in a more discreet manner, then send us an email or a Twitter DM.

It should be noted that we will not accept any form of payment for publishing a story about your company or project. We will also not accept payment for adding a story to the news aggregator.

Business and Media Contact Info

If you're looking to advertise on The Crypto Feed's website or other platforms, the best place to reach us will be via the email address mentioned above. You can also feel free to shoot us a DM on Twitter if you'd prefer to message us there.

Email and Twitter DM are also the best options available for any other business or media inquiries.

Give Us Some Feedback

If you'd just like to give us some feedback or offer some suggestions for how The Crypto Feed could be improved, then the best contact option is our Telegram group chat. This will allow us to discuss potential changes to our platform out in the open with the rest of our community members. You can also join the chat if you'd just like to learn more about Bitcoin, online privacy, and everything else crypto.

Of course, if you'd like to discuss something a bit more sensitive, such as reporting a bug, it would be more appropriate to contact us via email or Twitter DM.

Ways to Subscribe

The first version of The Crypto Feed was nothing more than a Twitter news bot, and we're all about making it as easy as possible for our users to follow the stories that we've either curated or published ourselves. Here's a quick summary of the different ways you can subscribe to The Crypto Feed:

Which Subscription Option Should You Choose?

You can get the top stories in Bitcoin, online privacy, and all things crypto delivered directly in your email inbox by subscribing to our newsletter. The newsletter is curated by longtime Bitcoin writer and researcher Kyle Torpey

If you're the kind of person who needs their crypto news in real time, then the Telegram Channel, Twitter, and RSS feeds will be your best bet. The Telegram Channel and Twitter account simply share the stories that will be found in the newsletter at the end of the day as they happen. The news aggregator feed on our RSS page works this way as well. However, you can also choose to subscribe only to the stories that we publish.

There is currently no option to subscribe to the news bots that power The Crypto Feed and are used to curate everything. Our Twitter account was originally powered by these bots, but we decided to switch that over to the feed curated by Kyle. If you'd like a way to subscribe to the underlying bots behind The Crypto Feed, please contact us to let us know that there is demand for this feed, which tends to be much noisier than the feeds we already offer.