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Here are our RSS feeds:

How Do the RSS Feeds Work?

There are currently two different RSS feeds for The Crypto Feed. The first one is our news aggregator, which most of our users enjoy the most. This feed is manually curated by longtime Bitcoin writer and researcher Kyle Torpey. In addition to the stories we publish ourselves, the news aggregator includes all of the other top stories around Bitcoin, online privacy, and anything else related to crypto.

The news aggregator has been in development for a couple of years now, and it will continue to evolve over time. It is a highly-filtered view of various crypto news sites, mainstream news sites, subreddits, and other sources with a focus on Bitcoin, online privacy, and similar topics.

Although the news aggregator is manually curated, most of the real work is done by highly-optimized bots that go out onto the Internet and find the stories for Kyle to read and decide if they're worth our users' time. The raw feed used as the base for the news aggregator is not currently available via an RSS feed or any other means. If you'd be interested in that underlying feed, please contact us to let us know that this is something people would like to access.

Of course, we publish our own news stories and opinion pieces as well, so you can subscribe to a feed that only covers those articles if you'd prefer that option.

What Other Ways Can I Subscribe to The Crypto Feed?

In addition to our RSS feeds, there are a variety of other ways you can keep up with the latest news in Bitcoin and more via The Crypto Feed.

One option that is quite popular with most of our users is The Crypto Feed Daily newsletter, which is sent out to our email subscribers six days per week. This option is popular because it allows readers to look over all of the top stories from the day in order of importance to make sure that they didn't miss anything in the world of Bitcoin and crypto.

In terms of real-time feeds, there are alternative versions of the RSS feed for the news aggregator available via Twitter and Telegram Channel. These channels post all of the same stories found in the RSS feed for the top posts from the news aggregator.

In addition to the Telegram News Channel, we also have a Telegram group chat that can also be useful for keeping up with all the latest news and interacting with our community of users.