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Ck sits down with Max Hillebrand (@HillebrandMax), prolific Bitcoin educator and member of ZK Snacks. We dive into updates on Wasabi Wallet (ZK Snack’s prima... | 0 comments
The last three months in Bitcoin have been marked by large corporate entities transitioning significant portions of their treasury holdings into bitcoin, most n... | 0 comments
Qubes OS overview with Anthony! Hacker's Congress Special. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- twitter.... | 0 comments

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rsk smart: rsk ecosystem update: money on chain open finance solutions

Check out the latest news from Money on Chain in this month's RSK ecosystem update. | 0 comments

chamber of digital commerce: ria educational series (part 2): investing in digital assets: regulatory & compliance hurdles

Speakers from Gemini, ErisX, 3IQ Corp, & Cohen & Company give an overview of this landscape, dispel myths, & provide key insights. | 0 comments

aantonop: 2020 or 1984? can bitcoin save us?

Can Bitcoin save you from a "1984" future? George Orwell asks, "Are we headed for a 1984 future? Or maybe more of a Brave New World future? And can Bitcoin s... | 0 comments

peter schiff: 60 minutes australia and the age are fake news

It's long, but it's worth every minute. In 90 minutes, I completely destroy the credibility of 60 Minutes Australia, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Nick McK... | 0 comments

swan signal - a bitcoin channel: "there's a moral and cultural component to how we operate monetary policy." -jeff deist

This clip is from Swan Signal Live episode 34 with Jeff Deist and Stephan Livera. Watch the full episode here: Watch, listen and... | 0 comments

cointelegraph: 'the definition of institutional money has evolved' during the bitcoin era | cme managing director

CME Group global head of equity products Tim McCourt discusses the importance of open interest, the cause and effect of CME price gaps, and how CME competes ... | 0 comments

block digest: block digest #241 - the bitcoin reset is coming

Welcome to episode #241 of Block Digest! (Saturday, October 24th 2020) Join us: Follow us on Twitter: ... | 0 comments

this week in startups: e1127 rising stars of saas 2: data privacy deep dive with transcend ceo ben brook

Check out Transcend: FOLLOW Ben: FOLLOW Jason: Listen here... Apple: https://... | 0 comments

unchained podcast: unconfirmed - ep.148 - willy woo on why it's 'an extremely great time to buy bitcoin'

Willy Woo, on-chain Bitcoin analyst and writer of “The Bitcoin Forecast,” a market intelligence newsletter, discusses how the Bitcoin markets have been chang... | 0 comments

rsk smart: webinar series: sovryn - a decentralized protocol for bitcoin lending and margin trading

Sovryn: A decentralized protocol for Bitcoin lending and margin trading 🇬🇧 English webinar 🇺🇸 🗓️ Thursday, October 22nd at 7 pm, Gibraltar 🇬🇮 Speakers: 👨‍💻 O... | 0 comments

juan galt: the social dilemma review ai's take over of human thought

The Social Networks have implanted them selves as a middleman across all digital peer to peer relationships. Like invisible parasites trying to data mine, an... | 0 comments

bloomberg technology: google competition is not one click away, says duckduckgo ceo

Oct.21 -- Gabriel Weinberg, chief executive officer at DuckDuckGo, discusses his view on the U.S. Department of Justice antitrust lawsuit against Google on "... | 0 comments

unchained podcast: crypto news recap - here's how bitcoin gets to $50,000 - october 16 - october 23 2020

Crypto News Recap - Here's How Bitcoin Gets to $50,000 - October 16 - October 23 2020 News Recap Synopsis and additional links found on the unchainedpodcast.... | 0 comments

coinscrum: why institutions remain very far away from defi with coinbase //This video was sponsored by:: ​BlockFi - Trustology - ByteTree - https:/... | 0 comments

coinscrum: what's been fueling a very large amount of btc flowing into exchanges with chainalysis //This video was sponsored by:: ​BlockFi - Trustology - ByteTree - https:/... | 0 comments

bloomberg markets and finance: u.k. likely to see negative rates implemented in 2021: rbc’s schaffrik

Oct.22 -- Peter Schaffrik, global macro strategist at RBC Capital Markets, explains why he sees the U.K. turning to negative interest rates next year. He spe... | 0 comments

coinscrum: how bitcoin is becoming more gold-like with bytetree //This video was sponsored by:: ​BlockFi - Trustology - ByteTree - https:/... | 0 comments

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bitcoin magazine: 10 hacks to grow your bitcoin stack! -

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/r/bitcoin: celebs wishing bitcoin a happy birthday. charlie sheen, david hasselhoff, rza and more

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labitconf: labitconf 2020 the digital experience

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bloomberg: akamai seeing dramatic increase in cyber attacks during pandemic: ceo

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anthony pompliano: pomp podcast #417: chris herd on the future of work

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cointelegraph: how blockchain can transform multi-trillion dollar industries | alex & don tapscott explain

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jre clips: glenn greenwald reflects on breaking the edward snowden story

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swan signal - a bitcoin channel: michael saylor on bitcoin - from micro strategy's q3 earnings call

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anthony pompliano: lunch money #148: stocks, contactless, goldman sachs, big tech, whoop, & holidays

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aantonop: november open topic q&a - november 2020 livestream

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swan signal - a bitcoin channel: special election day edition - alex gladstein and marty bent

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chamber of digital commerce: crypto for congress: rep. bill huizenga

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cnbc television: the economy improved on stimulus but that has run out: david rosenberg

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swan signal - a bitcoin channel: what is proof-of-work? - breedlove on bitcoin

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chamber of digital commerce: crypto for congress: rep. darren soto

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robert murphy: peter schiff on anarchism vs minarchism

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abc news: trump campaign investigating cyberattack on website

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